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EKON, EKOS Columns

Aeration and air release EKON columns and drain flushing EKOS columns guarantee safe operation and give a possibility of precisely situating pipeline congestion.

The basic functions of the EKON, EKOS columns are draining and supplying large air volumes, protecting the pipeline from hesitating pressure, dry running pumps, waterhammers.

The EKON columns have the air release valve which ensure the correct operation of pressure pipeline and the EKOS columns serve as revision.

The SZUSTER system columns are multifunctional and guarantee safe operation. In traditional solutions the air release valve is located in the manhole chamber. The operators during operational activities are exposed to the threat of deadly poisonous gases such as hydrogen sulfide and explosive methane. The EKON, EKOS columns eliminate these serious threat, because the servicing operations are performed from the ground level.

Our columns are especially recognized by the Users of sewage systems. Servicing, safety and ease of use decide on popularity of this solution. In comparison to the traditional solutions, the EKON, EKOS columns have many advantages.

  1. Pipeline flushing and draining owing to the standpipe.
  2. Complete servicing from the ground level improves safety for the User.
  3. Fast assembly and disassembly of the aeration valve and cost reduction enabled by the use of a quickfastening coupling.
  4. The possibility of precisely situating pipeline congestion by mounting the gauge on the standpipe unit.

  1. Complete servicing from the ground level improves safety for the User.
  2. Eliminates branching out of the pipeline as in the case of release wells.
  3. Reduced construction footprint is especially important in compact construction areas.

Technical data and application

Technical data:

  • Column types: EKON (aeration and air release), EKOS (drain-flushing).
  • Range of available diameters: DN50–DN200.
  • Nominal pressure: PN 1.0 MPa or PN 1.6 MPa.
  • Flange connection: PN-EN 1092-2.
  • Sewage with or without feacals, rainwater and industrial.
  • Sewage temperature from 5°C to 70°C and pH 4-8.


  • Used for flushing and draining of the pipeline under pressure in any direction.
  • Used for air release of the pipeline in the highest points of the sewage transport network on long ascending or descending sections of the pipeline, before throttling places and after the pumps are used.
  • Used for aeration of the pipeline in sections threatened by vacuum.

Operation principle of columns

The assembly is performed on the horizontal section of the pipeline in a vertical position with a maximum deviation of +/- 2°. An important advantage of EKON, EKOS columns is the ability to precisely locate the congestion, that has formed in the discharge line. It is possible thanks to the mounted vacuum manometer on the standpipe unit. By analyzing the pressure drop, the section which is not drained can be accurately determined. By using the gate valves on both sides of the columns and the innovative quick coupling, which should be plugged into the standpipe, it is possible to make the column retooling. The selected section must be flushed of the congestion and then restored to its original condition. The whole operation should take less than 15 minutes.

Szybkie przezbrojenie kolumn EKON, EKOS

Watch the operation principle of EKON, EKOS columns

Range of parameters and construction of cast iron columns

tab_EU-5_dimensions_EKON_EKOS_columns - Kopia

* 1,6 [Mpa] – on request

Download EKON, EKOS columns construction

Range of parameters and construction of INOX columns

tab_EU-6_dimensions_EKON-INOX_EKOS-INOX_columns - Kopia

* 1,6 [Mpa] – on request

Download EKON-INOX, EKOS-INOX columns construction

Operation principle of EKON, EKOS columns

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