Ball check valves in GRUNDFOS pumping station (Denmark)

Their challenge

The Danish government program, involving the modernization of sewer systems including pumping stations, is ongoing.

To be able to effectively compete in this demanding market, the customers should be offered a solution that ensures safety and ease of use, as well as a competitive price.

Our solution

We offered to the Danish company GRUNDFOS, the pumping stations manufacturer, COMBI elbow ball check valves, which apart from standard type ESK, are SZUSTER system ball check valves.

COMBI ball check valve eliminate two flange connections by integrating an elbow, a check valve and a knife gate valve, as well as allow to save space needed for attaching fittings and have all the advantages of existing check valves. Additionally, thanks to compactness of solution, our COMBI ball check valve is characterized by a lower specific weight rather than traditional sets available on the market.


The result

By applying the COMBI ball check valve we obtained the following advantages for the User:

  • Ease of use due to the free access to the valve interior including a ball and the possibility of placing the cover in the so-called servicing position.
  • Operational reliability and lack of vibration through a relatively low constant K factor of the COMBI ball check valve.

By applying the COMBI ball check valve we obtained the following advantages for the Manufacturer:

  • Increased price competitiveness by reducing personnel costs by upgrading the pumping station. Reduced the total weight (the COMBI ball check valve DN80 is 20 kg lighter than traditional valve + elbow + knife gate valve) thus allowing modernization, which can be performed by two people instead of three.
  • The lift station in the specification received ** (two stars) of safety in comparison with * (one star) in previously used pumping station.
  • Obtained the possibility of using smaller concrete chambers through the compactness which the valve provides.