Ball check valves in OnSite coriolis flowmeters (USA)

Their challenge

The American manufacturer of Coriolis flowmeters was looking for a solution that provides the ability of the revision of their device during the flow of oil through the flowmeter. Previously used elbows were not providing such a function.

Our solution

The SZUSTER system ball check valves allow easy and comfortable access to the interior. Thanks to the possibility of placing the cover in so-called servicing position on two pins, valves provide comfort and safety during service time. The risk associated with dropping and damaging the cover was eliminated. Another important feature is the ability to inspect the pipeline.


The result

The SZUSTER system ball check valves fully met the expectations of the Coriolis flowmeters manufacturer. The flowmeters are often installed in very difficult to reach places, such as drilling platforms. Fast and convenient service, along with ensuring the safety are the advantages of valves that determined the choice of our solution.

Pictures: OnSite Integrated Services