SZUSTER system for Pumps

SZUSTER System Innovative Elbow Ball Check Valve is a great solution designed for Pumps.

Ball check valves



Low service time – our non-return valves take less than 15 minutes to service. Quick service – easy access to the interior and possible revision of the pipeline without dismantling the valve. Check the experience of our client – the Dutch manufacturer of pumps for whom easy and comfortable access to the valve interior allows to perform fast service on the pump.


Compact construction of the pump canopy. A significant space saving is achieved through the compact design of the valve by removing one flange connection (valve and elbow).



Quick replacement time – customers can quickly replace the valve balls themselves without damaging equipment. Easy access to the interior is caused by the cover design in a way to provide a good servicing position of the valve. The placement the cover on two pins allows the revision of pipelines without any need to dismantling the valve. In contrast to conventional valves there is no need to disassemble the valve (in the absence of possible to remove the ball).

SZUSTER system for Pumps